It’s far too easy to tear down and criticize acts of creation.
It’s much harder to complete one.

It’s far too easy to criticize Elon Musk’s erratic behavior.
It’s much harder to build a private rocket and space travel company and to be the first in human history to do so.
…And the first mass-production electric car company.
……And a new digital banking paradigm. (Did you forget PayPal?)

It’s far too easy to tear down an obese person huffing as they take the stairs.
It’s much harder to lose the 200 pounds they need to lose to feel self-confident again and lessen the chance of a looming heart attack.

It’s far too easy to tear down your local competitor who tried something new and seems to be struggling.
It’s much harder to build up business systems, hire employees, cast a vision, find financing to cover payroll, market, and still live up to the social expectations of work-life balance.

Even though it easier to criticize than create, most of the rewards everyone is seeking go to those who create.

Sure you may get upvotes in Reddit or hearts on Twitter for your snark.

However the lasting, vital rewards go to the creators. The things that make up well-being; happiness, love, respect among your peers, financial stability, peace, depth of relationships, vision for a future, wealth beyond measure; they go to those who create.

Create something today.

Write a poem.
Draw a sketch.
Plant an herb.
Design your next marketing comp.
Build a new relationship over coffee.

Create something and watch the world improve.