Here is what commitment looks like:

Lake Morton: 4:25 a.m. Sparking my Fitness and Health and learning commitment.


That is the impression I left on the grass this morning after doing 100 Burpees to Roll to Candlestick.

I’m not bragging, but I am certainly proud of this fact. Why?

Because I almost quit at 45. That’s right, my tank was out of gas at rep 44 and I barely made 45.

The back of my legs were itching with that scratchy, wet grass itch. My arms were shaking as I tried for my 45th push up. Sweat was stinging as it saltily clung to my eye ball. When I rolled back for my pike and my head hit the scratchy grass, I smelled dog crap nearby.

I was done.

But then the spirituality of commitment rested on me gently. This is the sense that one cannot leave the sacred temple of refining fire until one has communed with the divine.

I have felt it in church, when a service was stretching beyond my lunch time and I was about to leave, the Divine lightly touched her index finger on my shoulder and whispered to me that I came here to press into my spiritual life, to become a better person.

Commitment is a spiritual act.

If you betray a commitment, you are betraying your truest self, your spiritual self. Not to mention the person you made a commitment, too. In any commitment you make to others, you are actually first making it to yourself.

And commitments are sacred. We break them so quickly these days because, ‘myeh, who will care?’ Who will truly hold you accountable? There is no real penalty for commitment-breaking. Well, except for that nasty fact that you are betraying your truest self.

How to Learn Commitment in 3 Steps

Fitness is the most tangible place to learn commitment I know of. Why?

Because it hurts. You hit your limits quickly. In your job or business, it takes a while to hit your limits and the limits are not that painful.

However, fitness can hurt quickly. You know it when your lizard brain wants to stop. And, fitness is typically just between you and the Divine. Few people know your fitness and nutrition goals. So, when you go for a run or hit the gym, no one is there to hold you accountable.

However you know, and if you quit you are betraying yourself and the Divine. And even though she is forgiving, your innate knowledge of that betrayal will tear you up until the day you complete your commitment.

Learning commitment is one of the steps to deepening your spiritual growth. And I know of no quicker place to learn your limits to commitment than in the fitness arena. That is why I include it as one of the 4 Pillars to a Sparked Day. (The benefits of being fit and healthy aren’t that bad either.)

So, once again, here is what commitment looks like.

Challenge: Accepted

I challenge you to choose a workout that you know you will hit the quitters point before the workout is complete. To compare apples-to-apples and have the same experience I had this morning, you could do 100 burpees to Pike roll.

1. Commit to finish no matter how long it takes or how perfect the execution is. Just commit to finishing.

2. Begin. (This is HUGE.)

3. When you hit the Quitters Point and know that you want to quit, breathe. Don’t leave, just breathe. Then do one more. Then breathe. Catch your breath. Don’t leave. Keep your feet planted. Then do one more.

If it takes you an hour, stick it out. Whatever you do, unless your doctor drags you off the mat, fulfill your commitment.

Then, journal about how it felt afterward, about how proud you were, and how you can take that into your business, relationships, and spiritual walk.

The Sparked Spiritual Journey

Even though we talk mostly about practical things at State of the Spark, accomplishing goals, and living ignited lives of explosive significance, we are undeniably on a spiritual journey to be in community with the Divine. Everyone is, whether they like to admit it or not.

Most people are not sheeple because the world around us makes them so (and the world certainly tries.) Most people are sheeple because they are not at peace spiritually and require self-medication to numb the urgent craving for spiritual fulfillment.

Of all the things Sparked Citizens are aiming for, Radiating (fusing with the Grand Overall Design and fusing with others) is the truest apex.

Take the opportunity to learn the spirituality contentment of being a person of commitment. It will help your fitness and health, your relationships, and work you enjoy, but more than that, it will aid your spirituality.


Have a killer week.

Zig Ziglar on Commitment