Spark is about Freedom

I love sparklers. I never really got into Fourth of July, but I always loved sparklers.

More than that, I love the reminder of freedom. I love to be reminded on the regular that I am to pursue freedom at all cost. I wish this for all corners of the world. For now, here is YOUR personal reminder of the spark that lies in you.

You see, there is a hidden power. It has created leaders in every culture and in every era. This power is still available to you today.

People of vision and faith, “the spark” of this power, have removed the barriers of ignorance and superstition which lead to fear, and have create the world we enjoy today.

This hidden power is not a mystery nor is it magic or miracles. Instead, it is found in the daily deeds of men and women who are making a massive impact on our world in every form of service and industry to benefit mankind.

It’s nature never changes, though we call it many things.

The only medium we know that it works through is the mind.

Few accept this passage to freedom. I pray that more do. On this Independence Day, recommit yourself to the timeless principles that have proven time and again to create the freedom you desire.

There is no new principle. The principles available are only the tried and true principles of mankind. They spark your inner being. They help you reconnect with passion and pursuit of your own personal greatness.

The challenge is for you to overcome any form of negativity or doubt and disbelief, and take action on those principles. Take massive action this holiday toward your dream.

We are hear to help you live an Ignited Life of Explosive Significance. Let us help you spark your journey toward freedom. I am making my materials available at a deep discount.

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Save 20% and tell a friend. Thanks so much. And Happy Independence Day.


Grant Nieddu and State of the Spark

Grant R. Nieddu