Do You DeSERVE It?

“I deserve better than this!” my friend and coaching client exclaimed.

She was frustrated over losing her job. In this economy, many of my clients have experienced job loss. My friend was no different.

After listening empathetically for a time, sensing that she may be open to a difficult realization, I asked, “Were you serving them?”

Confused but knowing I meant well, she asked, “What do you mean, did I serve? I did my job.”

“The word deserve,” I responded, “comes from the words ‘de’ and ‘serv’, which come together to mean ‘of service’. This means that one deserves something if they served for it.

“Like it or not, just showing up to do what’s expected of you is not considered service. Were you serving above and beyond, or were you filling a position in the line of workers?”

She paused quietly to think it over.

I see this on the philanthropic field as well. Many organizations think that the nature of their cause is enough. They believe that “what” they are doing (feeding the hungry, educating children) should be enough to move people to compassionately partner with the cause.

And, quite honestly, I agree, it should be enough to touch people’s hearts. But it doesn’t. Unfortunately, reaching people (at least in the developed world) just with the cause is not enough.

In the developed world, we want to know “why”, ‘why are you doing this’ and ‘why should I get involved’. To answer this is to serve the public.

It is more than just showing up to do the work, it is serving the clients’ needs. And it’s the same whether for-profit or non-profit.

Write in your journal today the things you think you might be able to serve your client with.

Who IS your client? Your boss? Your customers?
Then, write down what they really value as a service. This should be more than just your job expectations. This should be something these people really see as service.

Meet that need, and then you will ‘deSERVE’ more.