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grant nieddu

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Grant's passion in life is to ignite lives of explosive significance. His passion leads him to create things. Grant creates businesses. He created the State of the Spark, and co-founded Spark Sites and Spark Bookkeeping. Grant trains passionate people to create and launch their own mission-driven small business to help them ignite lives of explosive significance. He has created 7 books including ‘H.O.P.E. from Here to Haiti’‘Go MAD’, and ‘The Top 100 Dream Igniter’; and he blogs regularly.


Grant believes that to make a sustainable impact in the world, people need to build cause-driven businesses. He loves to find meaningful ways help others with their dreams. Below are some of Grant’s businesses that help other people explode significance.

Professional, affordable website design and WordPress Support.

Training and equipping cause-driven small businesses and teams.

Helping business owners find success and profit through their bookkeeping.

multiple start-ups

Grant has helped launch dozens of organizations from health savings plans to travel companies to a thriving school in rural Haiti. How Grant is helping “Spark Citizens”; entrepreneurs, catalysts, starters; launch their dream.




Launch your idea or business quickly. Rapid prototyping and quick-to-market strategies will help you learn and grow fast.


team leadership

Leadership, identify a person’s “modality”, and improve your communication to ensure success.


Learn the temperament systems available, which ones have the best application, and what others are looking for in every interaction.

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Small Business Training and Coaches Grant Nieddu, Dr. Joe Childs, Anna Yates, and Chrissanne Long

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Small Business Training and Coaches Grant Nieddu, Dr. Joe Childs, Anna Yates, and Chrissanne Long


Grant has written 7 books.
These books include ‘H.O.P.E. from Here to Haiti’‘Go MAD’, and ‘The Top 100 Dream Igniter’. He also regularly blogs and creates content for world-changers.

The Top 100 Dream-Igniter: The Spark Guide to Goal-Setting AND ACHIEVING
H.O.P.E. From Here To Haiti: What we thought we were giving to them, but what they ultimately gave us.

The 7-Day Spark Homework


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