I encounter a ton of people. I talk to everyone and ask them just about the same question: What the crap are you doing?

(A Note to Crazies and 3 Ways to Determine Your Major Definite Purpose. Approx. reading time: 7 minutes.)

You see, if you haven’t figured this out yet, people are pretty well crazy. All of ’em. That includes you and me.

The trick to understanding the zaniness of people around us is simply asking: what the crap are you doing?

The answer will have hidden in it a little gem. That gem is the key to their heart. It is the key to getting to know them, to appreciating them for all their human-ness, to perhaps being able to love them.

It is their definite major purpose. This is the key to knowing and appreciating others.

Here’s the catch. Few people consciously know their definite major purpose. That means that the crazy stuff they are doing, yeah, well, its pretty much just crazy.

No purpose. No rhyme with a reason. They are just plain kooky for kooky’s sake.

You see, if you don’t at least know your core, underlying why, the rest of us cannot appreciate all those crazy things you do. You cannot communicate to us. We cannot help you, or encourage you, or support you, or get crazy with you.

You are just plain ol’ crazy.

However, if you can find your major definite purpose, if you can communicate it to us, you not only will seem just a hair less crazy. You will also have empowered us to support you, to encourage you, to love you and celebrate you. You can tell us why the crap you do all the crazy crap you do and how it benefits the world.

How to Find Your Major Definite Purpose?

1. Sit down with a pen and paper (hear, NOT YOUR COMPUTER) and don’t get up until you have written out a clear, concise statement of why you do what you do.

Pro-Tip: Another way to think about this is to do “End-of-the-Line Thinking”. This is when you imagine the end of the line, your funeral, and imagine what you want others to say about you and how you lived. What would your loved one say? What would your co-workers say? What would your employees say? What would locals say?

If you can identify that, then you are on your way to your major definite purpose.

2. Write out a clear, definite plan to achieving your major definite purpose.

That plan could be crazy, including utilizing hot air balloons and toothpicks to sail to Mars. Or that plan could be a touch more sane. Either way, make it clear and concise so the rest of us know what the crap you are doing.

Pro Tip: Articulate what you are willing to give in return. As in, what price are you willing to pay? Time? Money? Bartering? A chunk of equity? Come on, already! How will you serve the world with your dose of crazy?!

3. Make your plan flexible enough to account for the crazy in others.

Other people are frickin’ crazy, too. So, when they hear what you are up to, they may flip out (and try to dissuade you) or they may freak out (and try to help you in awkward ways.) These responses and more is a good thing.

Life will happen. Serendipity is also crazy in how it steps in at just the right time to help your major definite purpose. Make room for it.

4. Get crazy.

Now that you have all that in place, you can let your crazy out, do all that crap you were doing in the first place, but have the confidence that you can communicate to the rest of us crazies what you are up to and how we can help.