To go pro, you have to learn your skill.

The only way for you (or anyone) to learn a skill is trial and error. You then “forget” the error, apply the way it worked, and repeat that successful act for the next trial.

We know that trial and error is how we learn to master the saxophone, a ballroom dance, or a jump shot. We know this, and when we want something we generally apply this principal with intentional effort. We rack up those 10,000 hours sooner than later.

But when it comes to small business skills, most people tinker.
Most people mess around with the keys a little bit and hope that someone would just show them how to do it right. (Hence the highly profitable business guru industry.)

Many know the 10,000 hour rule, but they are often just tinkering away the clock to 5 p.m.

If we spent 10,000 hours tinkering aimlessly, would we become masters at the craft? Probably not.

With our businesses, we need to adopt the trial-and-error mentality of skill acquisition.

Trial and error your marketing.
Trial and error your sales closing routine.
Trial and error your production or service delivery.
Trial and error your invoicing and bookkeeping.

In science we call this testing, and that is positive.
In dating we call this stepping back up to the plate, and that is positive.
In tech we call this innovating, and that is positive.
In business we call this “failing fast” and that unfortunately isn’t too positive.

Whatever you call it, adopt the mentality that running and growing your business is a skills game. And remember that the only way to develop the skill is trial and error.

Being a business pro means being a trial and error pro.

What will you test today?