Jim Rohn, Sparking Through Speaking & the Art of Communicating

I just completed a powerful audio teaching by Jim Rohn. If you have not been introduced to this powerful man, please find his material.

He is full of basic insights, so basic that they are often overlooked or ignored. Jim Rohn’s work, however, cannot be ignored.

He has influenced many modern success teachers.
Anthony Robbins has quoted him.
Brian Tracy refers to him.
Mark Victor Hansen was mentored and quoted him.

Communication and the Art of Persuasion, by Mr. Rohn was a powerful took on more than merely communicating well or persuading others in a particular direction. He also touched emphatically on values, character, and caring.

We know that these are very important to being able to spark others’ lives. Character, values, and caring about the people we are reaching are critical. They often disregarded as relics from a Leave-It-to-Beaver Age. However, they cannot be dispensed.

History proves true that when societies taught character and values in their core education of the young, the society rose strong and sure and sustained longer than those that did not. More than that, when a society that rose to prominence through character and values, only to dispense of them, found itself to be only a crumbling empire just a generation or two later. (Research the fall of the Roman empire, and the origin of the now-failing American empire.)

Each era of character and values that raised up successful generations had key people who taught the importance of such. The Greeks had Socrates, or more accurately Plato. Aristotle taught Alexander the Great.

And, today, though we there is an almost-endless array of success teachers, very few stay focused on Character and Values like Jim Rohn.

Grab any material you can by the man.