You can have it Fast. You can have it Cheap. You can have it Quality. You can pick two.

You know the old saying. With each of us in our own business spheres, I believe the old saying is new again.

If you request it:

Fast + Quality = You are saying you have a large Budget!
Cheap + Quality = You are saying you have a large Time Table.
Fast + Cheap = You are saying you have lower Standards for the end product.

Act accordingly with your vendors!

Fast + Quality? Ask them to bill you for whatever it costs. “Cost is no concern,” and mean it.
Cheap + Quality? Ask them to let you know whenever you can start or finish. “No hurry at all,” and mean it.
Fast + Cheap? Ask them to just get something that’s close. “I won’t send it back or nitpick it,” and mean it.

And mean it.

But, this is more important to know for the business builders out there…more in Part 2.