About Grant

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Ignite Your Life of Explosive Significance.

That means you. That means now!



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Personal Mission:

“Igniting Lives of Explosive Significance.”

We do this by:

Spark Vision.

Ignite Successes.

Explode Significance.

Radiate Purpose.

Grant is a trainer, author of multiple books, including ‘HOPE From Here to Haiti’, ‘Join the Fight: Stop Human Trafficking and Go MAD’, ‘Principles in the Raw: Be. Get!’, multiple workshops, and more.

Grant is THE Spark; a trainer that seeks to ignite lives of explosive significance in your home, in your business, and in your organization.

He Sparks Vision, Ignites Success, Explodes Significance, and Radiates Purpose with his clients. He helps emerging entrepreneurs and small-business owners to improve customer service scores, strengthen customer loyalty, and increase bottom-line sales through explosive employee buy-in.

Grant has spent the last 12 years training individuals, business-owners, and non-profit organizations. He has served a variety of entrepreneurial ventures, educational institutions, and individuals determined to improve their results.

As part of his passion, Grant and his wife work in the humanitarian development field locally and on the island of Hispaniola. They seek to help the citizens there live a higher quality of life through sustainable solutions and development training.

The latest project from Grant and Marissa was the CPI-Haiti Chauffard Community Center building project. CPI now has a child-sponsorship program with 128 sponsors students, a school that serves the unreached community, and a variety of community-development services.

His consultation has included individual life-coaching and various entrepreneurial ventures. They also train humanitarian volunteers, project teams, and organizational staff to expand their support base by developing supporter loyalty and creating a dynamic supporter culture.

Grant’s CV on LinkedIn.com GrantNieddu


Past Clients

Grant has had clients for speaking, workshop attendance, consultation, and more. Here are just a few of his amazing clients.

Liberty Tax Service with Mike Morrel and Shawn York in Lakeland, FL Primerica Financial Services with Tomas Czerenek in Lakeland, FL Black and Brew Coffee House and Bistro with Chris MacArthur in Lakeland, FL
GoMAD Ministries with Chantz and Renee Cutts in Sosua, Dominican Republic Humarian Research Lab with Doctor Ryan Bentley and Doctor Shawn Benzinger Lucky Puppy Pedicure with Debi Hufstedler in Lakeland, FL
The Voices of Lakeland and 3 Yeses with Paul Singer in Lakeland, FL Grant Nieddu - Clientele - Educational Opportunities CPI Haiti with Kenny and Jenny Ellis in Lakeland, FL working in Chauffard, Haiti
Grant Nieddu - Clientele - Fitness Trainers Leawood Kansas -


  • Temperament-Based Team Training
  • Temperament-Based Sales Training
  • A Spark of Customer Service
  • Your Top 100: Goal-Setting and STRATEGIZING
  • Ignite Your Life Through Powerful Communication