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about grant
about grant

grant nieddu

Entrepreneur | Trainer | Author

Grant’s passion in life is to help people realize their full potential and the significance they have. With that passion stems the three things he specializes in: being an entrepreneur, a trainer and an author. He’s helped launched many businesses while launching one of his own. Grant trains people in communication, temperaments, and several other topics to better hone their skills and find their own purpose. He has authored 7 books including ‘H.O.P.E. from Here to Haiti’‘Go MAD’, and ‘The Top 100 Dream Igniter’.
Grant hosts an entrepreneurial spirit. He loves to envision new ideas and how he can potentially help others with his new ideas. There’s are some of Grant’s great ideas that have now turned into successful start ups that help other people explode significance.
A part of the State of the Spark project, Spark Training looks to help others through training and equipping small businesses and teams.
A part of the State of the Spark project, Spark Bookkeeping looks to help others find success through their finances and bookkeeping for their business.
A part of the State of the Spark project, Spark Sites helps small business owners to be successful by giving them a professional, customized web presence without breaking their budget.

multiple start-ups

From Health Savings Plans to Travel Companies to a thriving school in rural Haiti, Grant has launched dozens of organizations.



Learn the dynamics of communication, secret tips on how to identify a person’s communication style, and how to change your method of communication to ensure that your message is heard.


Learn the temperament systems available, which ones have the best application, and what others are looking for in every interaction.

many more topics:

The Entrepreneurial Employee, Dynamic Problem Solving, Web Technology Topics (SEO, Content Creation, Web Presence, and more)
Not only is Grant an entrepreneur and trainer, but he has also written 7 books.
These books include ‘H.O.P.E. from Here to Haiti’‘Go MAD’, and ‘The Top 100 Dream Igniter’.
happy clients
happy customers
Grant & Marissa are a terrific team. Our project was done in a timely, competent, and professional manner. I’m looking forward to working with the Spark Sites team as both our businesses grow. Paul Mains

Grant and Marissa make navigating the maze of internet mysteries simple and user-friendly! As an artist and performer, I’d rather focus my energy on what I do best. The internet has always intrigued me, but at best it’s been like the cool guy in school I’d love to get to know better but can’t manage to approach. Spark Sites arranges the introduction and sets up your first date… I am now much more comfortable with having a web presence and feel like the internet and I will have a long lasting and happy relationship… Melyssa Stone

Not only does Grant have a wide base of knowledge on business related topics (i.e. website design, goal setting, driving sales, etc.) he is exceptional at thinking outside the box and coming up with effective ways to improve your business. If you have a need to grow your business on any level I am confident he can help you get it done! Glen Corrigan

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Thank you for your interest in receiving training from Grant Nieddu and the Spark Team! It is our hope that through our training you will be able to spark vision, ignite success, explode significance and radiate purpose with your business. Fill out the contact form and lets get sparking!